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How to create an engaging content on social media

When creating content on your social media accounts, you should check whether it will actually benefit your audience and what is its purpose. There are different types of content that you can create for your social media accounts, for example engaging, inspirational, promotional, personal and so on. Today, we will focus on creating engaging content that your audience is more likely to engage with.

1. Identify your target audience

If you don't know who is your ideal target audience, then how can you create a great content that your audience will like if you don't really know who you're speaking too? 🤔So how do you actually do this... first create a document or write it in your notebook some basic information about your target audience, are they female or male, what is their age, what do they like and dislike etc... this will help you get to know them better and definitely help when creating content.

To make it even easier for yourself, you should create a persona of your ideal client and fill in more detailed information of the person you are speaking to in your content.

2. Add value to your content

When creating a content, ask yourself whether the content is providing any value to your audience, this could be some valuable information on your product or service that can help customers to find out more about it, or maybe it's a content that can teach them something. You can share your expertise in the form of tips or hacks that your audience can try themselves, and if you are worrying of sharing too much value... then don't. There is no such thing as too much value. Your audience will still be more likely to invest in your paid products or services, when they see how much good you provide through free content, and they will be more likely to invest further if they like what they see.

There is no such thing as too much value. Your audience is more likely to purchase from you when they see how much value you provide in your free content.

3. Create shareable content

Shareable content is the one that people are more likely to share with their friends, family... and their own audience. There are so many ways to create shareable content, but the most popular are videos, infographics, carousels, and quotes. Those types of quote get more engagement as it is relatable, inspiration, educational .... You can research what your audience share and like most, to take some inspiration from it and reuse it in your own content.

4. Be yourself

This is something that will help you to stand out and create an engaging audience, because there is no other person like you, there will be someone with the same interests, experience, skill sets, but ultimately no one is the same, we are all unique in our own ways, so use it to your advantage and stand out from the crowd. Don't copy what others do, surely you can take inspiration ideas from others, but copying word for word or design by design is not worth it and actually illegal! Add your own uniqueness to your content, and you will see your audience will like you for who you are.

Will you be incorporating any of these steps in your social media content creation process? Let me know in the comments and if you need any help, feel free to book a free call with me below!


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